The Mind


The Mind

What lies below is my personal understanding of some important aspects of the mind. It must be noted that the ideas I share here are the result of my own personal experience. What applies to me here may not apply to you, but don't let that confuse you into thinking because it isn't applicable to you, you should believe or disbelieve it. Belief or disbelief is the wrong way to go about this. Painting yourself into a corner does not help you grow. Be open and sceptical to the ideas I present. Importantly, question the relevance of the ideas in your own life, even try applying them in your life. Experiment - see what happens.

"If it is not your experience, it is not your truth" - Tom Campbell


Thomas Campbell

Tom is a physicist and a consciousness expert. Tom has worked for more than 30 years bridging an understanding of;
Physics (the way our objective world works) and
Consciousness (the way our subjective minds work).

Through much experiential research in altered states of consciousness, Tom developed a theory that logically explains consciousness, it's connection to physics and the many paradigms we face in our science and our personal understanding of reality - our relationships, our experiences, our pleasure and pain. He logically makes the paranormal - normal, and logically answers the big questions of life, death and our place in the world, all while encouraging scepticism and open mindedness.

Tom has a lot of information to share from his book My Big T.O.E (Theory of Everything) which is available to read for free on Google Books. Additionally, Tom has a plethora of workshop and lecture videos about his MBT theory and it's applications to your daily life on YouTube. Also, you can visit his site to access the full package of Tom, including his own forums where his theory and it's applications are more deeply discussed.

The big picture ideas that I discuss here are courtesy of Tom's work. I have him to thank for opening me up to these ideas, give my life meaning and helping me understand why these things  happen. I aim to share his ideas through my own work and additional observations.


I suggest that you start from the top of this list and make your way down through these topics for a fluid understanding. The topics should lead into each other. However, if you wish to view only a particular topic then you can do so quite easily.