On this page we will take a look into health. This is an important page and contains some great information. It is quite text heavy, but if you are able to look past that and engage in these ideas, you will get a lot out of it.

We will go through 2 major sections on this page. The Mind & The Body. 

What is contained in these sections is my personal understanding gained through independent and experiential research. I am always learning and open to new ideas. I approach pretty much anything in this world with open minded scepticism which I will touch on in The Mind. This approach to information and ideas is one that helps growth. Painting yourself into a corner of belief (agree or disagree) is only limiting yourself to possible truths you may be blinding yourself to.

Before we delve into these sections, I'd also like to shine a little perspective on change.

There have been many times where I have thought about my own health and started taking the initiative to change it for the better. It can be hard to adapt to change though. This section will introduce change on some level. Maybe it wont be anything new to you, maybe it will. Change in health, lifestyle, thoughts and perspectives all come from an experiential level, a level of being, rather than just an intellectual level (reading about it on here or taking in the ideas of change at an intellectual level). Albeit, one can turn information from an intellectual level into experience, so in no way is it bad. However, ultimately, you need to become the change, not just act it, but live it - from the core of you.

A good example of tackling a difficult change in health is when you cut processed sugars and foods from your diet. When you cut sugar from your diet you may experience withdrawals and cravings. You then begin to justify why it's alright to have a little bit of sugar with excuses like 'just this one time, it wont hurt'.

Sugar is a psychoactive substance. How? It affects your mind. It makes your mind foggy, however this isn't so apparent to us because for many years we have consumed sugar regularly throughout each day, so this foggy mind is just a 'normal' mind to us. I challenge anyone to cut sugar out for 3 months. All sugars and artificial sugars - fruit is an exception though because of the carbohydrates it is bound up with, it is a slow and natural release of sugar that doesn't have the same detrimental effects as processed sugars - I refer only to the man made sugars, the refined and processed sugars and sweeteners that are injected into 90% of our food.

Since the early age of being maybe 1 year old, someone was stuffing birthday cake down our gobs. We received our first hit of sugar and since then, we have become sugar addicts. In the beginning month of cutting it you will experience the drug addiction withdrawals, cravings and begin to make excuses as to why it's ok to have it.

If you take a look at what you eat every 4 hours or so. No doubt something will have added sugars in it. Even the french fries you get most likely has sugar in it. Why? Because it sells better then french fries without it - it makes sense for a business in food to add a little sugar if we are all sugar addicts and it sells well, right? If we consumed one of each french fry, we will always pick the one with sugar in it - even if the difference is quite subtle. At a biological level, our body knows when it's getting another hit and it wants to keep feeding that addiction. I will expand more in depth on sugar in regards to the biological aspects of how it affects us in The Body section.

The challenge begins when you replace that food with things that have no added sugars. It's a challenge that has defeated me many times. But eventually the importance of developing good health begins to push you in the right direction. Holding that intent for good health eventually helps you become it and live it.

It takes courage to change though. Not only will you be fighting your addictions, withdrawals and cravings with foods, which can be a large enough pressure in itself, there are many other challenges faced with change. One example is that your lifestyle is altered, sometimes you lose friends or feel disconnected from particular people due to differing lifestyle choices. But a lot of doors open up at the same time and you will find more joy and fulfilment in life - more satisfaction. Your attitude changes and your perspective grows. You essentially grow up in a sense. So change is a great thing. Easier said than done, but the process of dealing with the challenges positively is what helps you grow and become something more than your previous self. 

 I now invite you to have a look inside the sections below and consider the possibilities. Any questions or feedback on these sections is welcomed and can be made through the contact form at the bottom of this page.









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