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New Studies

Over the last few months at work I have thought about the type of career path I'd like to go down. The major reason why I took up security work was to develop the skills that would be similar to the police while I waited for the re apply date to join the force.

It was getting late in the night at work. I was on a fence line patrol and deep in thought. I started reviewing the choices for why I wanted to become a Police Officer. It came down to a few reasons. The major reason being that I wanted a career in a field where I could help people and learn about myself and others at a deeper level. Other reasons that followed were the thrills and challenges that I was to expect in that field.


Before I wanted to join the police I had developed a keen interest in the mind due to a strange phenonema that occurred about 4 years ago. I dedicated a lot of my personal time to researching about it and trying to replicate the phenomena. The interest soon enough faded but it would return every now and then. In the following years I had experienced similar phenomena a few more times and so once again, the research continued, the curiosity broadened and without much effort - I was hooked.

There is one man who's work I truly value as it has given me so much dimension to my life. His name is Tom Campbell. A Physicist and Consciousness expert. He is the author of a trilogy called My Big TOE (Theory Of Everything). It was this book and his many hundreds of YouTube videos that has taught me so much in life and has explained complex things about life and the big picture so logically. He has taught me how important loving and caring is and what it really means to be a person of love.

It is ultimately Tom's work that has inspired me to take up studies in Psychological Science. I feel that I can contribute so much to peoples lives in this field of work as there are valuable lessons in Tom's work that need spreading in this world. I feel I now have the tools to develop my own Big TOE and help others see a Bigger Picture also. The studies kick off very soon and I am looking forward to what I am going to learn. There will be updates in the future I am sure.

Goodbye for now and thanks for your time.